December 11, 2012

Trivia Blog: Jurassic Ballpark

These Trivia Blog posts come from the emails I send out as Quizmaster of the Gael Pub Trivia Night every Tuesday.  But seeing as how they comprise most of the writing I seem to do these days, I thought it fitting to include them on the Pale Writer blog as well.  I won't include things like info about categories or drink specials, but will keep the bulk of the rest.  Hopefully you enjoy, so much so that you come out some Tuesday at 8:30 (3rd Ave. b/t 82nd and 83rd)...

As I’m dealing with a pre-holiday break crush here at the office, I might not have time to put together the typical long Trivia Night email that normally goes out every Tuesday.  But I do want to leave you with this image:

Dinosaurs are severely fucking up the sports world, you guys.  Raptors having tug-of-wars (tugs of war?), T-rexes causing uproar at golf events (probably seriously pissing off those people who hold up the ‘Quiet Please’ signs at the tee boxes)…  Someone call Steven Spielberg and get his professional opinion on how to stop dinosaurs.  Or, failing that, how to insert Jeff Goldblum to make sarcastic wisecracks about them.  I can only imagine that this new rise in dino/sport crossover will soon lead to headlines like these:
  • T-Rex Hilariously Separates Shoulder After Trying to Dunk with Tiny, Tiny Arms
  • Jets Boost Running Game By Adding Stegosaurus RB, Still Lose
  • Lance Armstrong Stripped of More Titles After Testing Positive for Gallimimus DNA
  • Heat Lose After Lebron Is Literally Eaten Alive By Rampaging Allosaurus
  • Tebow Suspended After Fight with Raptor Over Jesus’ Role in Creating Dinos
  • A-Rod in Hot Water After Photos Leak of Him with Pterodactyl Call Girl

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