October 23, 2012

Trivia Blog: Mass. Debating

These Trivia Blog posts come from the emails I send out as Quizmaster of the Gael Pub Trivia Night every Tuesday.  But seeing as how they comprise most of the writing I seem to do these days, I thought it fitting to include them on the Pale Writer blog as well.  I won't include things like info about categories or drink specials, but will keep the bulk of the rest.  Hopefully you enjoy, so much so that you come out some Tuesday at 8:30 (3rd Ave. b/t 82nd and 83rd)...

Things I learned while watching the Presidential Debates:
  • The face Mitt Romney makes whilst listening to someone is eerily similar to that of the creepy guy who spends way too much time at the playground by himself
  • President Obama will make you his bitch if you go against the transcript
  • Jim Lehler is a sad, sad old man
  • At least one of Mitt Romney’s sons has roofied someone
  • Debates would be better if they were more like Fight Club
  • Candy Crowley is the runaway winner in the “most stripper-esque name while looking the least like an actual stripper” contest
  • Mitt Romney is probably a really big Top Gun fan
  • Ann Romney and Michelle Obama definitely call each other “bitch” behind their backs
  • For President Obama, much like Norv Turner, traveling to Denver is the equivalent of drinking Sleepytime Tea
  • When cornered in a debate, Romney, much like a child being taunted at recess, will run away and call you a meanie head
  • “Please proceed, Governor.” = Badass.

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