September 10, 2010

New Follow & Subscribe Links

So I've finally figured out how to utilize the whole "Follow" and "Subscribe" process, since a lot of people have asked me how they can get email updates whenever a new post goes up.

On the right-hand side of the main page, you'll see boxes to Follow and to Subscribe.  Clicking Follow not only makes the subscribing process much easier for you, but it makes me seem all badass with each new person added. (Plus if the count goes high enough, I can eventually make a little cash from this thing, so think of my as-yet unborn children and become a follower.  Or just become a follower because you love my hilarious and insightful musings.  Either way.)

Sadly, just clicking Follow doesn't update you every time I post something, but you can by simply putting your email address into the box just below that and clicking Subscribe!  The email updates you'll receive will show the post in Feedburner format, which you can just as easily read, although it won't look exactly the same, or you can click the blog title in the email and be directed back to this awesome page.

So yeah, go nuts with that.  And thanks, as always, for reading my stuff.  It means a lot.

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