August 13, 2010

OK. So I Swear I'm Back This Time For Real.

So hey there...

I know what people might be thinking.  (Presupposing, of course, that people are actually reading this thing.)  I went away for a year before and came back, swearing that I'd write more, and then promptly disappeared like Lebron's effort in that last Celtics series (the wound is still fresh, lay off).  And now, here I am, saying the same thing all over again.

But I'm a changed man!  Promise! I'm back, and with an all-new focus on what this blog will actually be.  Look, I've even got a snazzy new font.  Mmmm, Helvetica...

I have to be honest, I'm surprised I stayed away as long as I did.  I love to write.  I really do.  I used to want to carry business cards saying so.

For some reason, though, I just could never figure out exactly what to do with this space.  When I was writing columns back in college, it was easy.  Ideas just flowed forth like a mighty river of insight and wit, and when that dried up for the week I'd just resort to the angry, liberal argument du jour.

Here, though, I could never quite decide whether to make it some sort of pseudo-diary (but who cares about my life that much?) or a political/sports/pop culture observational sort of column-thing (a poli-spor-cult blog?).  In the end, I crumbled under the weight of the vast landscape of possibility itself, much like my girlfriend, B, when we go to a diner with a huge menu.  So I lost the writing bug.  And I wasn't sure when I'd ever get it back.

But then I found Hyperbole and a Half.  This wonderful website -- and its author, Allie -- showed me that a blog can just be, like Seinfeld, about nothing.  It's a place to tell stories, to rant about the absurdity of life and its daily adventures, or to just put down all that's winding through my head.  With pictures!  Because yes, there will be pictures.  Allie managed to do what I'd always wanted to do with this blog when I started it, and even with my columns back in college: draw little illustrations to go along with everything I'm writing.

I'd like to say that the new-and-improved blog will be an homage to HaaH, but let's be honest, I'm just stealing a good idea and making it my own.  Because that's America, damnit. 

The illustrations won't always be gems.  In fact, they'll probably never be gems.  My talent in the realm of drawing probably peaked somewhere in 5th grade, when I used to draw comics and sell them to classmates for $1 a piece, and I'm sure it hasn't improved since.  Here, for example, is a picture I drew of a mountain goat:

So that's what you're going to get.  Stories.  Insight.  Poorly drawn woodland creatures.  I'm just as excited as you are, folks.  See you again real soon.*
*The author swears promises thinks hopes "real soon" does not = 1 year from now.

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Granny said...

OK now - so you're back and I, for one, am so glad to be able to read all about your rantings and ravings. I've missed you....the humor, the seriousness when needed and just plain, Ryan...Welcome Back my dear grandson.....