October 14, 2008

Don't Lie, Lady, You Don't Read

Leave it to a group of illiterate, completely ass-backwards rednecks in rural Minnesota to restore some of the respect I used to have in abundance for John McCain.

At a town-hall meeting held yesterday in Lakeville, Minnesota (Come for the lakes, stay for the... incest? I don't know...), McCain -- after recently launching a surge of extremely harsh, negative ads designed to erode Americans' faith in Barack Obama's judgment and character -- actually stood up against a flurry of personal attacks against Obama (oh, the irony), even whilst being booed by these idiots.

When told, for example, by one man that he was "afraid to bring his baby daughter into an America run by Barack Obama," McCain assured the man that it was, in fact, okay to allow his daughter to be born if Obama is elected, and that he's an honorable and patriotic fellow. (As a quick aside, I'd love to hear the internal monologue of this guy, contemplating actually committing the horrendous sin of abortion vs. allowing his daughter to be born in an America run by "that one." Priceless) This, of course, was met with sustained booing from the crowd.

The winner in this contest of ignorance, however, is definitely one Miss Gayle Quinnell. When handed the microphone (mistake number one), Quinnell announced with vehement 'merican pride that she just doesn't trust Obama, because she "read somewhere that he was an Arab."

Wow. I mean, where to even begin with this woman?

Gayle Quinnell: Model American. McCain supporter. Crazy, scary old lady who probably has small animals nesting in her hair.

First of all, you "read somewhere"? Don't lie, you crazy old bitch. The last thing you read was probably the born-on date on a can of Coors. If you actually read something in a reputable media source, you wouldn't have found anything remotely close to a report of Obama being an Arab. To start with, he's pronounced himself a Christian time and time again over the course of this campaign. He was born to a white, American mother and a black, Kenyan father and was raised in Hawaii. These are facts. They're not hard to find, unless you're among of the seething, unwashed masses who choose to be willingly ignorant in this country.

Second of all, even if he was an Arab (sorry, "Ay-rab"), or more specifically, an American of Arab descent, what exactly would be the problem with that? I'm not going to get into the headache-inducing battle of pointing out logic, or even the teachings of Christ, to a backwoods, dumbfuck racist, but there is something fundamentally wrong with someone claiming to be a "good Christian" who also expresses unease at the thought of being a citizen of a country with a president who doesn't share his/her skin color. Apparently, the Bible is just used as a loose source of reference for these people, and isn't something containing valuable life lessons.

But I digress. After taking the microphone back from Quinnell and wiping off the barbecue sauce, McCain replied: "No, ma'am. He's a decent family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues." He was then, of course, booed.

I used to like and respect John McCain for actions such as the ones he took in Lakeville. He was straight with people, and unflinching, even if it would come at a cost to him. Honestly, though, it's hard to muster up much sympathy for his plight after the torrent of attack ads and rhetoric that he's pulled out in desperation over the last few weeks. He's losing on policy, so he's been trying to instill fear in the minds of Americans over things like his inexperience, his character, and his judgment for befriending so-called "domestic terrorists," something that I'm not even going to go into.

At a Sarah Palin campaign stop (who has been fucking AWFUL in stirring up hatred and racist undertones against Obama), someone in the crowd answered her question of what to do about Obama with "Kill him!" The terrifying nature of someone being so brash and hate-filled as to scream that out at a campaign stop aside, did Palin or McCain say anything to address and quickly quell that sort of hateful outburst? No. Even when that story began to circulate all around the country, did they do anything to try and stem the tide? Of course not. It's disgusting to think about, but after slipping in the polls lately, maybe McCain's people want to subtly court that ignorant, racist vote. When you think about how many of them exist in America, it's not exactly a losing strategy.

So kudos to McCain for finally stepping up and honoring his initial campaign promises (Remember? Straight-talk express? Clean campaign? No Karl Rove-like tactics?), but unfortunately, it might be too little, too late. It just turned into yet another torpedo slamming into the side of the sinking ship of his presidential campaign.

And did his assurances to the crowd at least go through? Did Gayle Quinnell listen to the words of the man she's so steadfastly supporting? Well...

"After the rally, Quinnell was unrepentant. 'You can't trust Barack Hussein Obama because he is a Muslim and a terrorist,' she said."

Unreal. This woman, and these people, are fucking AMERICANS. They're not outsiders, not foreigners, or anyone with limited access to the news. They're people who choose to stick to these completely idiotic notions because it's easier for them that way. This is the country Obama's fighting so hard to lead?

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