July 30, 2008

The Montauk Monster Will Destroy Us All! ... If It Wasn't Dead, That Is

This wonderful little sprite of a creature has been popping up all over New York news sites lately:

Dubbed the "Montauk Monster," for the uber-rich section of east Long Island (near the Hamptons) that it washed up on, this little (or big? I haven't read anything about its size, yet) guy has started a great Real or Fake debate today. It's been an especially hot topic over on the comment board of the story about it on Gawker, which featured one of the greatest lines ever (funnier if you're a South Park fan):

PunnyMcGee: "TURTLEPIGRAT!!!! It IS real! I thought my gramma was just making it up to get me to eat my greens!"

Hilarious. The logical side of me is screaming that this is some sort of viral marketing thing, as they tend to be incredibly over the top in the NY area. And the photo was tipped by a PR company. And reports are already coming out that it's there to promote a new Cartoon Network show called Cryptids Are Real or possibly for JJ Abrams' new show Fringe (he has been shown to be a fan of the viral marketing in the past), and even more reports are coming out that it's just a dog that drowned in the ocean and has a very odd cranial structure, or a sea turtle missing its shell (?).

But wouldn't it be great if we had some weird, mutant dog/pig/amphibian hybrid steadily assembling an army ready to strike the shores of rich New Yorkers' beach houses? Maybe I've just watched Cloverfield too many times...

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