June 26, 2008

God, I Hate Stupid People

There was an issue that I meant to address in the John McCain post a week or so ago, something that's been filling me with a crippling rage in the last month, but somehow it slipped my mind. I probably would've forgot about it entirely had I not come across this story in the Financial Times.

The gist of the story is this: Many die-hard Hillary supporters (although the author posits that they represent a minority, albeit a very LOUD one, of Hillary backers) have chosen to ignore her endorsement of Obama and have been establishing anti-Obama websites, drafting pledges to have Hillary push on and have the Florida/Michigan primary votes counted, and even...

Hold on, I have to stave off the rage-induced blackout that I feel coming...


And even actually vote for John Fucking McCain come November.


Really??? THAT'S your answer?? Maybe my lingering distrust of and aversion to militant feminists -- or just stupid people in general -- is clouding my judgment here, but can someone explain to me the logic in this? As a liberal, Hillary-supporting DEMOCRAT, your response to your horse not winning the primary race is to vote for the REPUBLICAN nominee? The man who you spent the last six months to a year decrying and objecting to (maybe) more than Obama?

Let's have a read of some of the more brilliant quips from said Hillary-ites, shall we?

Voting for Obama is like going to bed with your rapist. Hillary has raised money for these people, campaigned for them and they betrayed her. Now you all want her to be a “nice girl” and hand her political base over to Obama. You must be daft.

It’s a typical sign of Obama’s ‘audacity’ (not to hope, but to vilify your opponents) and ‘new kind of politics.’ Accuse of opponents of racism, simply because they dare not vote for a black guy.
[Ryan: See, this guy's so against Obama, that he writes his name in a STRIKETHROUGH FONT! Take that, Obama! Keep it up and you'll be written in Wingdings in no time, pal.]

The level of misogyny is unspeakable. But the main source of my anger comes from the fact that this was a selection, not an election. Obama was imposed upon the Democratic party by its elite. Even if Hillary is invited to join Obama on the ticket I will still vote for McCain.

Don't you love that last one? Even if Hillary is ON THE FUCKING TICKET, she'll vote for McCain. She loves Hillary sooooooo much, that she's willing to vote AGAINST her.

Listen, ladies (and I know many men are included in this, but the people who have put together the most idiotically unintelligent and baseless websites are staunch feminists). I understand that you're upset. I felt the same way when Al Gore was robbed back in 2000. (You might've felt that way, too. Remember? He's the guy who used to serve as VP under your girl's husband, and maybe you even VOTED for.) I was confused. I mean, he was the favorite to win. It was practically over before the votes were even cast. But such is life, and I learned to move on.

This situation is obviously different, but in a good way. You see, unlike me in 2000, you don't HAVE to settle for something that's inverse to your beliefs and values. You actually have the choice to vote for someone who's only different from Hillary in very slight ways, in the grand scheme of things. You obviously backed a candidate who would defend your core values, defend the rights of women and minorities, do something to change our wayward course in Iraq and make moves to help out the suffering middle class rather than reward the rich, right? Those are the things -- among others -- that you want for America, right? Then please, for the love of GOD please, explain to me how voting for the exact OPPOSITE will end in a good way for you.

Even people on the other side of the political spectrum are confused by this. Here's a comment posted on the website of a group called D.O.N.E. (Democrats Over Nominating Elitists... wow, catchy.), a site dedicated to convincing Democrats to leave the party because Hillary's not the nom:

Republican voting for Obama…Went to the grocery store and I can’t afford $5 for bread…just can’t afford it anymore. What use to take me 45 minutes to got home…now it’s 1 1/2 hour. I had to take public trans..because I can’t afford gas. I need somthing new…sorry Dem. U have a good thing and you don’t know it. I screwed up twice by voting republican and look where it got me.

And how did the site's moderator respond to that post?

If you think Obama is going to lower the price of your gas and bread, if you voted for Bush twice, it makes perfect sense. Some people just never learn. Inexperience, arrogance, and corruption in 2000, 2004, and 2008. That’s smart!

I'm sure a good portion of all this sudden anti-Obama/pro-McCain rhetoric is just lingering bitterness at losing out on the nomination. Or at least I hope so. In time, when Hillary starts to actively campaign for Obama, they'll go back to doing exactly as she tells them to do, and not vote for the person they were so ready to vote against. Because let's face it, when it comes down to it, we're a fairly rational and intelligent country, right?


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